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Hi Everyone! Welcome to a new day! Let's deal with difficult people.

Are there some people in your life that stress you out? No problem. Let's try a few things today.

  1. When you are talking to someone or physically near someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, anxious, whatever......Imagine there is a bubble around you. The words they speak to you bounces right off that bubble and back to them. They cannot get to you or trouble you in any way.

  2. Have you ever felt like someone is controlling you when they aren't even near you? For example, let's say you are trying to make a decision and all you can think of is what someone else would want you to do. In your mind, imagine everyones opinion written down on a piece of paper. Now imagine putting it in an envelope marked "return to sender," and give it back! This is also a great exercise to do with paper. Just throw them away after you write them down.

  3. If you're not sure who is getting you upset, try this. Before you engage with someone, take note of how you feel. For example, use a scale from 1-5. 1 would be you feeling awful and 5 would be great. Re-evaluate that number after a meeting, conversation, etc.

Sometimes we just need to set boundaries! Here's the bubble you need to create!


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