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All of my readings are 1:1. They can be any combination of Psychic, Mediumship, Past Life, etc. When we meet, I connect to your soul, and I "feel into" what you need to hear and how I may help you best. All I ask is that you come with an open mind. Every reader is different and every reading with the same person is very different. If for some reason we don't feel that we are a good fit for each other after the first few minutes, I refund your money. It really is that simple. Before I became a medium, I was a skeptic. I just didn't understand how all of this worked. I mention this to put your mind at ease. I encourage you to give yourself an opportunity to experience the healing benefits of a reading.

Being a MEDIUM means that I can connect and communicate with people who have passed on from this world. I receive information many different ways. Sometimes I may see an image of them, hear a particular sound or even smell/taste something. Other times I am reminded of something I have experienced so that I can relate to you. Basically we still exist after this life. When we are free of our physical body we are still "here," just in a different form. We are made up of energy and Mediums are more sensitive to picking up on that.

Being PSYCHIC means that I am extremely intuitive. I can give you insight that will help you make decisions that feel right to you. It's not my job to tell you what you should do, but give give you the perspective of someone who can see the bigger picture. This is a no judgement zone and there is no topic that we can't dive into. 

PAST LIFE READINGS are fascinating. I am amazed every single time I do one. I believe that our lives are part of one big journey and that each time we come here we learn and grow more. I can pick up on things that will help make more sense of this life. For example, you may have certain fears or phobias with no explanation. This will often come up in a past life reading. It helps to see patterns and may give you the drive to work on certain things in this life time. 

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