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Psychic Medium Laurie Rose

Welcome Friends,

I truly believe that we are divinely guided, and if you found yourself here, then we have some work to do together. I have been on a healing journey for quite some time now, and I have learned to embrace transformation. Whether you are looking for a connection to your loved ones or higher self, intuitive guidance to help clear the path that you are on, or are seeking classes or group support, you are in the right place. Explore and see where you feel guided to go. If you need help figuring that out, I can do that as well. I hope to see you soon. My contact info is at the top of this site. Reach out when you need support. 


People often ask me what "Edify" means, or where the name of my business came from. I have a dear friend who has now passed on, who was an amazing part of my healing journey. He taught me to never give up on myself. While I was learning how to do that, he never gave up on me. He taught me resilience and how to have hope. In an email that he sent me, he was giving me a virtual kick in the butt and asked, "What are you doing to Edify Your Soul?" I had to google that word. I think it is a wonderful word that means many things. So now I encourage you to find the meaning, and I ask all of you to consider that question....

What are you doing to Edify Your Soul?



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