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Winter Brook Ryan

Trance 101

Friday April 27 4:00 PM Eastern

What is trance and how can help you in every aspect of your mediumship and healing work? Learning trance enables you to blend more deeply with your Spirit team. In other words it helps you get out of the way so that Spirit communicators can bring through deeper and more unique evidence, stronger healing. and create an atmosphere necessary for phenomenon. So come along and get a better understanding of this most misunderstood form of mediumship. It will help your own practice grow, your soul growth and the confidence to blend deeoer with those who assist you on the other side!

Winter Brook is a certified psychic medium, a transfiguration physical medium, an Ordained Spiritualist minister, retired attorney and a Reiki Master / Teacher. She has trained in the UK at the Arthur Findley College as well as locally on Long Island. She has been teaching mediumship and working professionally for 15 years demonstrating at colleges, over 55 Long Island libraries, on behalf of governmental municipalities, at Lily Dale Assembly, Spiritualist churches, Spirit School Vancouver and Metaphysical centers across the US and internationally. She is an Ambassador for the oldest Metaphysical not for profit learning community on Long Island, the Eyes of Learning. She has had several radio and pod casts currently co-hosting Spirit Chat. She is a former Woman of the year for her volunteer humanitarian work saving the lives of children with heart defects from third world countries with Rotary International’s Gift of Life. She is a single mother of two girls, having adopted the youngest as a single mother, a proud pet owner and foster mom for rescue kittens.

Winter Brook Ryan
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