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Kelly Coulter

Psychic Investigation

Sunday 04/28 6:00 PM Eastern

Psychic Investigation empowers participants with the knowledge, skills, and ethical considerations necessary for effective and responsible psychic investigation work. It is an immersive and transformative experience that encourages participants to explore the depths of their intuitive potential.

Kelly is a psychic, medium, healer, psychic investigator, and spiritual teacher known for making soul-to-soul connections and empowering others to remember their soul self so they may embrace their inner light to navigate life's journey with clarity and purpose. Through her mediumship, Kelly believes in being a beacon of light in the darkness, bringing comfort, healing, and closure to those in need. Drawing upon her psychic and intuitive insights and connection to the spirit world, she has assisted law enforcement agencies and families in locating lost loved ones, unraveling mysteries, and bringing closure to unresolved cases. Kelly's mission is to be a beacon of hope and healing for all who seek her guidance.

Kelly Coulter
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