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Jennifer Rose

Audience Readings

Friday April 26 7:00 PM Eastern

Jennifer will be connecting to your loved ones. She will read as many people as possible. Please understand that not everyone will receive a reading.

Jennifer Rose serves as an international spiritual evidential medium, trance healer and channel, teacher, public speaker, transformational guide, writer, poet, and humanitarian. In addition to her one on one work with clients, she demonstrates mediumship for small groups and large audiences, Spiritualist churches, and for charitable causes, spreading the awareness that love and life are eternal.

She is known for her accuracy, love and compassion when connecting with Spirit. Teaching mediumship, healing, and spirituality is also a passion of hers, helping others to discover and enhance their spiritual gifts, and embrace their own unique way of working.

Her mission is to help remind others that we are all Spirit too, and made from the absolute love that embodies us. Through the know thyself journey, we continue to unfold our divine eternal connection.

She also hosts For the Love of Spirit Sunday Spiritual Service, bringing the spiritual community together in celebration of Spirit. Jennifer is honored to be part of the love, hope, healing, and peace that is gained through mediumship, healing and spiritual development.

Jennifer Rose
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