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Ellen Henry

Connecting With Your Spirit Team

Friday April 26 1:30 PM Eastern

Did you know that everyone has guides? Guides are helpers in the spirit world who work with us and support us on our life’s journey. Through conversation and instruction, we will explore the topic of guides, including how to connect with your Spirit Team, how to receive guidance from them, and how to nurture that unique relationship. Then join in as we sit together for a guided meditation with the intention of connecting with a member of your Spirit Team.

Ellen Henry is a psychic medium and channeler of higher wisdom. She connects you to your loved ones who have passed on, helps you work through life’s crossroads, brings you guidance from the higher realms, and helps you connect to your own inner wisdom. Ellen offers group mediumship demonstrations and private sittings for mediumship and soul guidance. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @EllenHenryMedium and at, where you can learn more and book an appointment with her.

Ellen Henry
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