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6 Month Saturday Series

The following classes are part of a 6 month series of specialized workshops. They are on topics that deserve our extra attention to provide the best service to our clients.

Each class is $30 each or register for every class for $150.

Mediumship & Children in Spirit

December 9th, 12-3pm est

This is a Mediumship class with a special emphasis on bringing through children from the Spirit World. We will explore the sensitivities required to establish a true connection to Spirit while being compassionate and empathetic to the parents who have suffered a tremendous loss. Learn how to convey messages of love, healing, and guidance to parents. There will be special guest speakers, including parents who have a child in Spirit.

                Past Lives and the Soul's Journey

                      February 10th, 12-3pm est

This class is designed for psychic mediums who are looking to further develop their ability to deliver profound past life readings. These readings provide clients with insights into their soul's journey and lessons across lifetimes. Participants will also delve into their own past lives, taking a closer look at their own soul's evolution. through multiple lifetimes.  All levels welcome.

Animals in Spirit

April 13th, 12-3pm est

In this class, you will embark on a heartwarming and enlightening journey into the world of animal communication through mediumship. You will learn about the unique energy of animals in Spirit and how to communicate their love to the humans that are missing them. This is an opportunity to deepen the connection to you sitter by bringing them profound comfort in knowing that their pets are ok. All levels welcome.


The Role of a Psychic Medium in Trauma Healing

January 13th, 12-3pm est

Validation is one of the best gifts that a psychic can give to someone that has experienced trauma. When we use our abilities to connect to another person and/or situation, we are able to validate feelings and experiences. In this class, you will gain insights into the the role we can play in the healing process, and learn how to navigate sensitive emotions with care and compassion, while providing a safe space for your client.

Music & Art in a Mediumship Reading

March 9th, 12-3pm est

This class will introduce you to using music and art to enhance your mediumship readings. Music can be an incredible tool to use while deepening your connection to Spirit. The use of art can bring through evidence that you were not even aware of. You do not have to be artistic to join this class. No prior experience is necessary. All levels are welcome.

Intuitive Counseling

May 11th, 12-3pm est

In this class you will gain a better understanding of how you can use your psychic abilities to guide and support your clients seeking clarity, healing, and personal growth. Through practical exercises, you will learn to provide empathetic and practical guidance to clients, as well as learn about ethical considerations for intuitive counseling. All levels welcome.

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