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We offer classes for all levels of psychic and mediumship development and healing.  Classes include topics such as beginner through advanced psychic and mediumship development, past life readings, soul readings, gallery style reading, divination tools, trauma healing, psychic investigation, self development and healing.  

Class Descriptions

Workshop: Beginners Bootcamp

All levels are welcome, although we will focus on the fundamentals.  We will discuss the structure of a reading, how to prepare, ethics, knowing where to start, etc.  It will be a combination of lecture and exercises suitable for beginners to build confidence.


Self Development and Meditation

This class is open to both Mediums and Non-Mediums.  We will focus on  healing our Mind, Body and Soul to help us become more productive and loving people.  Self Development is key in developing your Mediumship, as well as helping you navigate through life.


Methods of Connection

This class will review and practice different modes of connecting to Spirit and to someone Psychically.  We will cover sitting in the power, meditation, and many different techniques to help you find the one that works best for you.


This class is open to everyone.  You do not have to be a developing medium to participate.  Meditation is extremely beneficial in your mental, physical and spiritual health.  Many come to this class, get tucked into bed, and go right to sleep.  Meditations are available at a drop in rate of $15.  It is offered free if you are enrolled in any other class.  

Psychic Skills

This class will be focus on the many different ways we can use our psychic abilities.  It will challenge you to try things you may have never even known you can do!  Topics include picture reading, remote viewing, card readings, pendulum, and more!  No experience necessary.  All levels welcome.

Heal the Healer

Self Care is the most important thing we can do to enhance our Mediumship.   During this class we will explore different ways to take care of our Mind, Body and Soul.  

Psychic Investigation

During this class we will investigate both solved and unsolved cases.  It will be a mixture of crime and missing persons.  You will have the opportunity to practice skills such as remote viewing, picture reading and much more.

Picture Reading

Learn how to read pictures in a way that is not taught anywhere else.  You will be taught how to recognize life events by lines on the face, mood by position of eyes, personality by teeth.  There is so much to be learned in this class.  Come with an open mind and you will be sure to learn new skills.  We will also be connecting to Spirit using pictures.  

Workshop: Are you ready to read for the public?

This is suitable for those students who are able or working towards working with the public.  We will focus on 1:1 readings and discuss when to make the transition from volunteer to career, ethics, finding your niche, capturing your audience in business, etc.  Everyone will have the opportunity to read a Non-Medium and receive detailed feedback.  

Beginners Psychic/Mediumship Development

This class is for those just starting out in your development, or even if you are just curious to know if you have abilities.  You will learn how to connect as a psychic and a medium.  Sitting in the power and meditation will be introduced.  Ethics and conduct will be discussed, as well as the role of a Psychic Medium in the healing of our clients.  There is no experience necessary.  This is geared for beginners, but all levels are welcome.  This is a great way to practice your skills and re-visit some of the basics.

Intermediate-Advanced Psychic/Mediumship Development

This class is for the more experienced Psychic Medium.  You should have experience doing readings either for practice or professionally.  Everyone works at their own pace.  Different styles of connecting are covered, as well as the different types of readings that you can do.  You will gain experience working with the public.  There will also be an introduction to gallery style reading and past life readings.  You should have a strong desire to grow as a Psychic Medium and be willing to be challenged.  

All Levels Psychic/Mediumship Development

This class is for all levels and everyone will be encouraged to challenge themselves at their own level.  Individual and group instruction will take place.  It is a combination of lecture and practice.  Topics listed above in the beginner and intermediate-advanced will be covered. 


It's Just a Conversation

A reading should flow like a conversation.  It is the Mediums job to bring through the true essence of the Spirit visitor.  In this class we will work on providing meaningful and healing messages from Spirit.

Connecting with Music and Art

Music and Art can open you up to connecting in such a beautiful way.  Listening to certain songs will trigger different emotions in you.  Listening to someones favorite song or a song that reminds someone of a loved one can bring beautiful memories and connection.  Art can be used in a reading to help connect with symbols and colors.  You will often find yourself drawing something that your conscious mind was not even aware of.  If you have never tried this class it is guaranteed to be a wonderful new experience.

All participants are entitled to ONE free class before making a commitment to enrollment.  Once you sign up and pay for your class(es), there are NO REFUNDS.  Classes with Mediumship Matters and Healing Matters are small and specialized to learning and healing needs.  When you register, a seat is reserved for you.  If your cancel, in writing to Laurie Smith, 24 hours before your first class begins, you will receive a gift certificate, credit, or transfer to attend a future class. After classes start for the month, there are no refunds, transfers or credits given.  Thank you for your understanding and adherence to this important policy. 

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