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Laurie McKeogh Smith

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Laurie was born and raised in Long Island, NY and received an education from Hofstra University with a degree in Exercise Science and Psychology.  She began her career working in the medical field as director of a cardiac rehabilitation facility. Following a near death experience that profoundly shifted her perspective on life, Laurie awakened to her innate psychic and mediumistic abilities. Embracing this newfound gift, she embarked on a mission to utilize her unique blend of scientific knowledge and metaphysical insight to make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

As a Psychic Medium, Laurie possesses an extraordinary ability to connect with those that have passed on to the world of Spirit. She also uses her intuitive abilities to provide guidance, healing and profound clarity. 

Laurie's warm and compassionate demeanor, combined with her extensive academic background, enables her to work with a grounded and practical approach. She firmly believes in the power of the mind-body-spirit connection and strives to help individuals align these aspects to unlock their true potential. 

If you are looking to connect to a loved one in Spirit, or would like transformative guidance to help you live your best life, contact Laurie to schedule a reading.

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