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Healing Matters

Having a loved on transition into the Spirit World is difficult.  You don't have to do it alone.  

Spiritual Education To Heal

When you have a loved one transition into the Spirit World, you may feel like your life has been shattered. We know that support and education is a necessary part of healing. Spiritual Education To Heal was inspired by an amazing boy in Spirit. Seth was 9 when he transitioned, and his Soul shines so bright. The first time I connected to him as a Medium, he showed me his incredible smile with one tooth missing, and his love for marshmallows toasted by the fire. 

We offer classes to offer support, understanding of our life and soul purpose during our stay on this earth, and Spirit leads the way.  Learning to connect with your loved ones grows from Spiritual Education, Meditation, and most of all support from others. We offer a safe sacred place to allow you to heal at your own pace in your own way. 

All participants are entitled to ONE free class before making a commitment to enrollment.  Once you sign up and pay for your class(es), there are NO REFUNDS.  Classes with Mediumship Matters and Healing Matters are small and specialized to learning and healing needs.  When you register, a seat is reserved for you.  If your cancel, in writing to Laurie Smith, 24 hours before your first class begins, you will receive a gift certificate, credit, or transfer to attend a future class. After classes start for the month, there are no refunds, transfers or credits given.  Thank you for your understanding and adherence to this important policy. 

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