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Q: Why should I see a Psychic?

A: There are so many ways that I may help you. Using my incredible intuition, I can offer you guidance in your daily life in areas such as relationships, family, career, education, etc. I can help you connect present day struggles and triggers to events or trauma that occurred in your past. People often say that I help put the pieces of their life together.

Q: Why should I see a Medium?

A: As a Medium, I may connect to your loved ones in Spirit. It is incredibly healing to know that your loved ones are okay and very close by. I receive information that will validate that their Spirit is still very much alive.

Q: Do you tell me bad news?

A: NO! I do not give news that is scary or threatening in any way.

Q: What if I am not satisfied?

A: If after 10 minutes of the reading, either or both of us feel that we are not a good fit for each other, your money will be fully refunded. Once we go over 10 minutes, there are no refunds.

Q: Can you tell me the winning lotto numbers?

A: Afraid not. I use my abilities to help people navigate through this life by offering healing. Lotto numbers simply don’t play a role in that.

Q: Do you cast spells?

A: No. No. No. I connect to you and your loved ones. I don’t know a thing about spells.

Q: I was told that I have some attachment or bad energy around me. Can you get rid of it?

A: I do not believe that we have anyone or anything attached to us that we don’t want to be attached too. I work with positive intentions and don’t believe we are walking around with dark energy.

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